How much do brands have to pay to hire a press release distribution service? Cost is the number one factor that marketers consider before hiring a wire service that will help them get their story in front of the media.

Different newswire services offer different rates and packages. You have to think about your goal first before deciding how often you want your press release to be published.

If you your goal is to promote brand awareness, you may consider a package that offers a more frequent publishing of your release than a single distribution. The package that you choose can also depend on the type of your business, whether you are a small business or a big enterprise.

Benefits of Hiring a Distribution Service

One of the primary benefits of using a distribution channel is that you get your story in front of your target audience. Depending on the company that you choose, you can reach a huge network of influencers, bloggers and media. Your story is indexed by the search engines, which makes it accessible to people.

There are newswire companies that offer not just press release distribution, but also other services, including writing of releases, targeting and media monitoring. These companies can customize their packages depending on your needs.

Cost of Newswire Services

The cost of paid services varies per company. The most recommended wire companies like PR Newswire, eReleases, Newswire and PRWeb offer different rates and packages, depending on the features, media distribution, upgrades and analytics.

Prices can range to as low as $99 and as high as $999. Some online press release services require an annual membership fee. You can always ask for a quotation to determine which company you want to distribute your releases.

Online press wires are not only for big companies. In fact, they offer low-cost packages, so that small companies and startups can afford it.


Brands should not make decisions based solely on the price. You should consider the service that can provide a wide distribution for the price.

It’s important that you look into how these services distribute your releases. Consider those that provide packages not only for your brand exposure, but also for reaching a network of reporters and media outlets.

For Startups & Small Business

For startups and small business, price may be your top priority, but you also have to consider the company that can extend the distribution of your releases. Check if your story can get published in the Associated Press, websites and the search engines.

You should take advantage of wire companies that can get your story in front of tens of thousands of reporters. Keep in mind that this is your chance to gain publicity and mentions. Remember that reporters are also looking for information in press wires, so if they find you, you have better media opportunities.

Promoting Brand Awareness

If you are looking to promote your brand, check the wire companies that can get your story more online exposure. Check the number of their online resources in their network. If wire company A has a network of 1,500 reporters, wire company B has 6,000 and wire company C has 10,000, you better go for wire company C.

If you want to get access to internet-savvy customers or your business is operating online, getting a service that can offer the biggest size of distribution network is the best decision. It can help your brand get maximum exposure. It also ensures that your releases get more views, which can translate later into leads and sales.

Using wire services is still a viable tool to reach news and media outlets and journalists. For instance, reporters use the search engines to look for stories. It’s more convenient for them to cut through the noise and saves their time looking for information.

There are also other online wire companies that offer packages at a lesser price. You just have to check which can provide your needs and goal.

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